Digital Marketing & Business Consulting to Drive Sales Results

I am a serial entrepreneur and business consultant with office in Lisbon city working for clients in Europe and America. I am known for my compassion to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and claim to have an “addiction to achievement”. I want to implement my experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs thrive.

I studied literature, business administration, law and I also took countless amounts of courses in Digital Marketing and Self Development to keep my skills sharp up to date.

An Independent Digital Marketing Consultant

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I am an independent digital marketing consultant capable of targeting qualified prospects in organic and paid search by closely analyzing the responsive patterns and classifying them accordingly.

As a Google certified digital marketer and consultant with certification in Search Engine Optimization I am well equipped to provide cutting-edge techniques to rapidly change your website into a lead magnet. With a Google certification a digital marketing consultant gets a solid foundation of the entire digital marketing world.

Experience matters and I come with a solid background with 11 years agency and 5 years corporate experience running high level digital marketing campaigns.

Alma Mushi – Digital Consulting is a Business Consulting Agency with a focus on Digital Marketing that started to help local prospective entrepreneurs follow their dreams in starting their small businesses without breaking the bank. My education and experience has helped prospective entrepreneurs start their new business and have gave them a vision to thrive.


We bring together experienced, engaged professionals that are highly energetic and motivated to work in challenging, high stakes environments.