SEO services in Lisbon

We offer custom SEO packages for small business designed to take your business to the next level. Most probably you found us through Google Organic Search. That’s how we get customers and we help you do the same!

Why do you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

People use search engines on a daily basis to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems or products to buy. More than 100 billion searches are performed on Google alone each single month!

To take advantage of this and gain visitors to your website and potentially new customers, you website needs to appear in the top positions of Google or Bing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for search engines so that it appears in the search results for the keywords (search phrases) that matter for your business.

How to Succeed in SEO in 2020

When we started with SEO (10 years ago), search engine marketing was straightforward. All you had to do was to decide for which keywords you wanted to rank in Google, write 400 word articles (containing those keywords), build a few links, rinse and repeat.

That’s not the case today, and if you follow the above strategy, your website will disappear from Google in no-time.

Modern SEO is not just about Keywords and Links but it’s about providing great user experiences. The first task is to understand your users and then adjust your website and content to satisfy their intent in the fastest possible way.

You need to ensure that you have:

  • A website that is SEO Friendly and free of technical SEO errors
  • A website that offers a great experience to mobile users
  • A website with amazing and engaging content
  • A website that loads fast and has a clear structure
  • A strategy to promote your brand online to get more brand mentions
  • A strategy on how to get high quality links from websites that matter
  • A content marketing strategy for creating the right type of content
  • An ongoing process for improving your existing content
  • A way to stay in synch with the hundreds of changes made to the Google Algorithm per year

When you hire us to work on your SEO, we’ll make sure that all the above tasks are handled in the best possible way. We have the experience to do it and a proven track record for the last 10 years.